Lined ball valve

2764 Ball valves


Main technical parameters

Nominal pressure: 150-900ʱ1.02.0ѱʲ䳢150&Բ;

Nominal diameter:ٱ152501/2&ܴdz;10&ܴdz;&Բ;

Design grade: ASME B16.34GB/T 12237HG/T 3704 

Operating temperature: -40+180&Բ;


1. The internal cavity of the valve body and the valve core are molded at high temperature or coated with 2.5~6mm thick fluoroplastics, which can withstand various strong corrosive media such as liquid chlorine, acid, alkali, salt, aqua regia, organic acid, etc.;

2. The valve seat seal adopts the internal and external isobaric high temperature sintered PTFE soft sealing valve seat, which has the characteristics of no loosening, no falling off, no deformation, and good sealing performance;

3. The valve core and the valve stem are an integrated structure to prevent the valve stem from flying out;

4. The valve seat sealing ring adopts a unique elastic lip-shaped sealing structure with self-compensation function.

Scope of application

It is widely used in industrial control systems such as chlor-alkali, petrochemical, metallurgy, medicine, electric power, fertilizer industries, etc., to control acids, alkalis and other strong corrosive gases, liquids and other media.

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