Literacy is one of ALA's . As noted in thèừưALA assists and promotes libraries in helping children and adults develop the skills they need, including the ability to read and use technology, understanding that the ability to seek and effectively utilize information resources is essential in a global information society. The supports lifelong literacy through a variety of resources and initiatives supporting family literacy, adult literacy, English language learners, and more.

Key Resources

  • , a website bringing together literacy efforts from across ALÀư
  • , an initiative by ProLiteracỳưand̀ưthe Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services
  • , a grant program for public libraries to expand services̀ưfor adult English language learners or adults in need of basic education and workforce development, funded by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation
  • Engaging Multilingual Communities and English Language Learners in U.S. Libraries, a toolkit̀ưfor public and academic libraries on how to best address the needs of multilingual communities and those who wish to improve their English language skills
  • , a toolkit to help libraries add, expand, and advocate for adult literacy services
  • , an initiative of 2010-11 ALA President̀ưCamilàưAlire
  • , an initiative from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Public Library Association

Opportunities to Get Involved in the Work

  • ̀ư

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